How to reach  ZhongGuanYuan Global Village (Peking University)


The ZhongGuanYuan Global Village Hotel(Peking University) has a convenient location and is easily accessible with almost all means of transport. It is about 33.1 KM from Beijing Capital International Airport(BCIA). 21.3 KM from Beijing railway station and 21.5 KM from south railway station.


Below we would like to describe briefly, how you can reach PKU quickly…

Your flight destination should be the Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA). 
More information can be found in the web site

You can find the official Customs Clearance Guide for International Passengers 
in the web site



The most convenient way to get to the Zhongguanyuan Global Village PKU Hotel from the Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) is by taxi, which costs around CNY 130 with no tips required. Please don't forget to ask for the receipt every time!

Taxi ride help


(Please drive me to the Zhongguanyuan Global Village Hotel)

地址: 北京市海淀区中关村北大街126号(北京大学化学学院南门对面)

Transport Airport Shuttle Bus

Ticket offices for shuttle bus at BCIA:
Terminal 1 (T1): Gate No. 7 (inside) on F1
Terminal 2 (T2): Gate No. 9 to No.11 (outside) on F1
Terminal 3 (T3): Exit of Zone A, opposite of the exit of Zone C on F2; next to Gate5, 7&11 on F1

Fare: CNY 32 /person (single trip)

*Operation time of shuttle bus: The first 6:50, then 7:00, 7:00~24:00 every 20 minutes.
*Airport Shuttle Line 5: Beijing Capital International Airport –Zhongguancun (中关村)


Destination Station: take Airport express from terminal 1, 2 or 3 to Sanyuanqiao station, then transfer to Subway line 10 to Haidianhuangzhuang station, then transfer to Subway Line 4, East Gate Peking University, Exit C


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