Invited Speakers Topic Institution
A. Bollero

Rapid-milling applied to isotropic rare earth-free permanent magnet powders: from ferrites to MnAl

Division of Permanent Magnets, IMDEA Nanoscience, Madrid, Spain
Boping Hu


China’s Rare-earth Permanent Magnet Industry

Beijing Zhong Ke San Huan High-tech Co. Ltd., Beijing 100190, P.R. China
Chengbao Jiang


SmCo high temperature permanent magnets


School of Materials Science and Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing, P.R. China

Christina H. Chen


Magnetic Force Equation for Rare Earth Magnets and the Effect of Load Line


Quadrant at San Jose, CA 95131, USA     Magnet Energy LLC, San Jose, CA 95131, USA

D. Niarchos


High Entropy Alloys based on Rare Earths and Transition Metals as building blocks for novel Permanent Magnet Materials

INN, NCSR Demokritos, Athens 15310, Greece
Dagmar Goll


Advanced reaction crucible and reaction sintering methods for searching high-coercivity intermetallic compounds

Aalen University, Materials Research Institute (IMFAA), Aalen, Germany
Fang Deng


Quantification of Permanent Magnet's Characteristics for Robust and Durable Large Permanent Magnet Machine Design and Development 


Senior Principal Engineer/ Engineering Director,Motor Drive Technology, Electronics and Electrical Systems,Whirlpool Corporation, Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA
G.C. Hadjipanayis


ThMn12-type Alloys for Permanent Magnets


Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Delaware, Newark DE, 19716, USA
H. W. Kwon

Electrical resistivity and demagnetization characteristics of salt-added Nd-Fe-B-type magnet


Pukyong National University, Busan, Republic of Korea 48513
H.W. Chang

Coercivity enhancement of hot deformed NdFeB magnets by doping low-melting RCu alloys (R=light rare earth elements)


Department of Physics, National Chung Cheng University, Chia-Yi, 621, Chinese Taibei
J. Ping Liu

Magnetic Hardening in Co Nanowire Assembies


Department of Physics, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas 76019, USA
J.M.D. Coey

Prospects for Rare Earth Permanent Magnets


School of Physics and CRANN, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland.
John Petro

Creating a Future Where Every Motor is a Permanent Magnet Motor


Petro and Associates,USA
K. Hono

Rare earth permanent magnets with ultimate hard magnetic properties

Elements Strategy Initiative Center for Magnetic Materials, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Tsukuba, Japan
Kai-Zhong Gao

Design Consideration for Permanent Magnet Materials, a Micromagnetic View


Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), USA
Konstantin P. Skokov

Selective Lased Melting of Nd-Fe-B magnets: new strategies and approaches


Funktionale Materialien, Institut für Materialwissenschaft, TU Darmstadt, Alarich-Weiss-Str. 16, D-64287 Darmstadt, Germany
M. Zakotnik

High performance sintered and bonded NdFeB-based magnet manufacture from recycling end-of-life sintered rare earth magnets


Urban Mining Co. 8201 E Riverside Dr, Suite 150, Austin, TX 78744, USA
M. Sagawa

The ultimate production technology of Nd-Fe-B sintered magnets: advancements and exemplifications


NDFEB Corporation, 1-36 Goryo Ohara, Nishikyoku, Kyoto615-8245, Japan
M. Yan

Improved thermal stability of Nd-Ce-Fe-B sintered magnets by Y substitution


Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang Unviersity, Hangzhou, P. R. China
N.V. Kostyuchenko

Evaluation of crystal-field and exchange parameters for the R1R2Fe14B intermetallics from the analysis of high-magnetic field behavior


Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), Dolgoprudny, Moscow region, 9 Institutsky Per., 141700, Russia,
Oliver Gutfleisch

Heavy rare earth free, free rare earth and rare earth free magnets - vision and reality


Institut für Materialwissenschaft, Technische Universität Darmstadt, D-64287 Darmstadt, Germany
Olivier Isnard

Neutron scattering studies on rare earth-transition metal intermetallic compounds


Institut NEEL, University Grenoble Alpes and CNRS, 25 rue des martyrs, BP166X , 38029 Grenoble cedex, France
Q. Wu

Facile strategies to prepare anisotropic SmCo5 nanoparticles and manipulation of magnetic properties


College of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing 100022, P. R. China
S. Hirosawa

Atomistic understandings of rare earth permanent magnets toward ultimate performance

Elements Strategy Initiative Center for Magnetic Materials, Research Center for Magnetic and Spintronic Materials, National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan


S. Sugimoto

High performance Sm-Fe-N Zn-bonded magnets prepared using powders with low oxygen content


Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan
T. Schrefl

Computational Design of the Rare-Earth Reduced Permanent Magnets


Department of Integrated Sensor Systems, Danube University Krems, Austria
Wei Cai


PM e-Motors and PM Materials for Automotive Electrification Applications

Jing-Jin Electric Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd., Beijing, 100016, P. R. China
Wei Tang


Pathways for Coercivity Enhancement in Alnico Permanent Magnets

Division of Materials Sciences and Engineering, Ames Laboratory, Ames, IA50011, USA
Weixing Xia


Dynamic structure of magnetic domain and coercivity mechanism

Laboratory of Rare-Earth Magnetic Functional Materials, NIMTE, CAS,P. R. China 
Xiangyi Zhang 


Engineering bulk hybrid nanostructures with high energy products

State Key Laboratory of Metastable Materials Science and Technology, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao 066004, P. R. China
Xiaodong Fan


Improving the performance of RE2Fe14B based magnets containing a high concentration of the abundant rare earth elements

School of Materials Science and Engineering, Xi’an University of Technology, Xi’an 710048, P. R. China 
Xiaoxi Liu


Nd-Fe-B films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Shinshu University, 4-17-1 Wakasato, Nagano, 380-8553, Japan
Yongsheng Yu

Magnetic properties and microstructure of hard magnetic nanostructure prepared by chemical method


School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, Heilongjiang 150001, P. R. China
Zhongmin Chen Review of melt-spun RE-Fe-B powders and their bonded and fully-dense magnets for automotive applications Magnequench Technology Center,Neo Performance Materials (S) PTE LTD, Singapore

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